Cannot add https to the second domain


Here is my site address:

I have 2 custom domains, and I have the ssl on the first one, after that I added the second one, it opens the websites when I write it with www, but not without it. Also doesn’t have “netlify dns” badge next to it.

What can I do to solve this? Thanks.

Hey! :wave:

I can see that is working as expected. Can you confirm this too?

You’ll need to add the second domain to

Then, on this page,, you’ll see that there is additional configuration required for your domain.

This help topic explains it in more detail :+1:

Yes, main domain works correctly, with ssl.

When I open the first url you sent, I see that my second domain is not added there, but added to the second url page you sent. It now is fixed partly, when I added it to the first url you sent.

But now, it only opens with http, it doesn’t have ssl. Will it be updated automatically or am I restricted to a single domain to use ssl? Or should I do something to add ssl?

Hey there!

Yep, it was configured fine. The last step is to ensure that the SSL certificate is renewed. I went ahead and clicked ‘Renew certificate’ and… voila! Your certificate now covers all domains :+1:

I see, I tought it was only for the other domain, glad to know that was for all domains. Thanks a lot for the help. Have a good day.