Can send but cannot recieve emails


After deploying on the custom domain I had to transfer DNS records as it says on the documentation. The email that’s using the custom domain can send emails but cannot receive emails. Please help.

Custom domain:

@Madute You haven’t provided enough information for anyone to help you. What’s your custom domain, for starters?

I’m sorry about that.

@Madute Is this the correct DNS setting for your e-mail host? 599 IN MX 10

I’m not certain because one field is empty on that record from the side I copied from. Please see the attached screenshot from the domain provider’s DNS records.

Then the Netlify records:

@Madute There’s a lot of confusion here, from what I can tell. shows Netlify as controlling the DNS. Therefore, none of the DNS entries at should have any effect. Somehow, you have designated Netlify DNS with, but yet they still give you access to their non-function DNS. Never seen that before.

Then in your Netlify DNS records, you have an A record to point what seems to be a mail subdomain to an IP address, and pop, smtp, and webmail subdomains that point at your mail subdomain. That seems unusual, too.

You also define a useless ftp subdomain.

What happens when you try to gain access to your webmail NOT through your custom domain name, but directly through

Hi, @Madute, there is a support guide about this here:

Please read that over and let us know if there are questions.

To summarize, our support team doesn’t know what the “correct” DNS records are for your email service. We need you to tell us what they are.

We can help you create DNS records for your email service but we cannot tell you what the records themselves should be.

If you are trying to create a record and it isn’t working, please let us know what record you are trying to create and we’ll be happy to assist.

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