Can Identity be installed in Hugo's *.md files?

Can Netlify Identity Widget be installed to Hugo’s *.md files or does it have to be installed in a *.html file. A previous response I received said that all pages need to have the widget to be protected but I have not seen any examples in all of your documentation where it should be placed.

if it is in your documentation please point me to the location because from all of my reading I am not able to find it. I did see one page that has the html code but it not say where that is to be placed.


I finally found where to put the Identity code. It is in “/layouts/partials/head.html” . I tried it in the head-/head block and also in the body-/body block. It seems to work the same in either block.

I am using the Docsy theme with a full image on each landing pages and it makes a white space at the top of each page. The “Log-out” is blurred and does not seem to work, meaning it does nothing.

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