Can I activate in a free Netlify account?

I’m launching a small business and Netlify starter account is enough for me at this time.

I also use free account which allows me to have control over my prerendered pages and recache them when I need.

I couldn’t find a way to activate without having a Netlify upgraded account, so I’ve upgraded temporarely to activate, but when I downgraded it immediately deactivated prerender.

Is there a way to use in a free Netlify account? My business is too small to have an upgrade yet and that’s the only “feature” that I’m missing on Netlify free (and great) service. I intend to upgrade as my application grows.

Hi @haddad,

Just like mentioned here:

Custom pre-rendering is only for pro and above. You can choose to use Netlify’s inbuilt pre-rendering on the starter plan.