Caching issue in deployed site after I edit content on the backend

Hi there, I am working an a Nuxt + Kirby website deployed with Netlify.
This is the Netlify url:
This is the live url:
The site has SSR enabled.

when I edit some content in the backend of the homepage (such as the order of displayed projects) the edit is not going in the live site homepage (which stays as it was before the edit). But if in the live site I just go to another page and then go back to the homepage I can see the edit. It just does not work when the homepage is accessed directly.

Temporary solution:
I can solve the problem by deploying the website (with clear cache) from Netlify. Once I do that I can see the edit even when I directly access the homepage.

What I want to achieve:
I want that the edits I do in the backend (Kirby) are directly displayed in the live site without having to deploying it manually each time.

What do you think this issue could be related to? Maybe there is some Netlify setting to autodeploy the website in some way?


This is because you’re statically building the index.html during the build time. The file is built and it’s not performing any SSR when it’s being requested. However, the other pages are not built, so they go through the SSR function and produce a response. Then they probably also fetch the data for the home page and client-side routing shows you updated data.

The solution is to ensure the index.html is not prerendered and then it will also be SSRd.