Build was terminated: dependency_installation script returned non-zero exit code: 1

For my site:, I’m having build problems. The build fails because the installation step fails with exit code: 1

The issue is inconsistent, some times the build pass and some times they fail which is making it pretty hard to debug. I also have no issue running install locally or on GitHub Actions.

Here’s the log for a failed build:

Hi @winkerVSbecks,

Did you also try to run the build command locally?



yup, the build command is working fine. Even in the failed deploys, the actual build command succeeds. It’s the install step that fails.

Does this happen with npm or is it specific to yarn?

Hi @winkerVSbecks I use pnpm and was getting a similar result. I changed to npm and now it all works just fine. I know this isn’t ideal, but if you’re under pressure to get something deployed, perhaps this will help.