Build folder (Sveltekit) is messing with ntl dev!

Site: glittering-peony-7f5800

I run ntl dev all the time locally, no issues.

When I need to deploy, I have to first run npm run build which creates a build folder. Builds fine. Deploys fine.

IF I then run ntl dev with the BUILD folder still there, I get a corrupted looking app locally with NOTHING working, not css, nothing. I get some text from my +layout.svelte file displayed, thats all.

HOWEVER, if I DELETE the build folder and then run ntl dev then my app appears/runs normally locally.

I am using: Windows 11, Sveltekit 1.0, Svelte 3.54.0, Vite 4.0.0, Node 18.4.0. (Same thing happened under Node 18.12.1).
Im using adapter-netlify 1.0.0-next.88 and my netlify.toml is simply …
command=“vite build”
publish = “build”

Hey @kreollc,

Can you see if this helps:

  command = "npm run dev" # optional, try with just the framework first
  framework = "vite"