Build fails due to Ruby version trouble

Hi folks,

I have a static blog built with Jekyll. I’ve just discovered that builds for it have been failing for a long time because of version issues.


  • The running version of bundler is throwing a warning:
    6:06:39 PM: Warning: the running version of Bundler (2.0.1) is older than the version that created the lockfile (2.0.2). We suggest you upgrade to the latest version of Bundler by runninggem install bundler.
  • There are incompatible gem versions:
    6:06:43 PM: rubyzip-2.0.0 requires ruby version >= 2.4, which is incompatible with the 6:06:43 PM: current version, ruby 2.3.6p384

What’s the right approach here? Can I update these gems myself in the netlify environment?
Should I downgrade the gems in my project and hope that they work, what if that breaks my site?

Would be great to see if this is just an issue with my site or if others have this problem!




Hi, @AlexanderNZ. Welcome to our Netlify community site.

You can set the Ruby version Netlify will use in two different ways, both documented at the URL below:

For the Bundler 2.0.2 issue, it isn’t supported by Netlify at this time and we have an open issue tracking this. The only workaround I know of at this time is to downgrade to Bundler 2.0.1 and regenerate the Gemfile.lock file with this version.

I have cross-linked the issue and this community topic for tracking. We’ll update this topic if/when the issue is resolved.

If other people find this topic, please :heart: it above to indicate your interest in seeing this issue resolved.

If there are other questions about this, @AlexanderNZ, please let us know.

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I was dealing with both of these issues today and was heartened to see that I have a companion moaning in the hospital bed beside me.

Luke: I followed your advice and fixed the Bundler by downgrading to 2.0.1 - worked like a charm.

Now I am dealing with the ruby version situation. I am using windows and installed ruby using the windows ruby installer which yielded me the very specific ruby version 2.6.5p114. So I took your advice and specified the ruby version in a .ruby-version file. When I set .ruby-version to 2.6.2 (to mirror what I found that the Netlify ubuntu server is set up with), the deploy log showed:

"9:02:09 PM: Your Ruby version is 2.6.2, but your Gemfile specified 2.6.5p114

9:02:09 PM: Error during gem install"

(I don’t see any specs regarding ruby or the very specific 2.6.5p114 in my Gemfile… so not sure where it’s getting that. Maybe it’s encoded somehow.)

When I set .ruby-version to 2.6.5 (to mirror my local ruby install), the deploy log showed:

" 9:16:14 PM: Installing gem bundle

9:16:14 PM: /opt/buildhome/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.6.5/lib/ruby/2.6.0/rubygems.rb:283:in `find_spec_for_exe’: Could not find ‘bundler’ (2.0.1) required by your /opt/build/repo/Gemfile.lock. (Gem::GemNotFoundException)

9:16:14 PM: To update to the latest version installed on your system, run bundle update --bundler.

9:16:14 PM: To install the missing version, run gem install bundler:2.0.1

9:16:14 PM: failed during stage ‘building site’: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 1

9:16:14 PM: from /opt/buildhome/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.6.5/lib/ruby/2.6.0/rubygems.rb:302:in `activate_bin_path’

9:16:14 PM: from /opt/buildhome/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.6.5/bin/bundle:30:in `’

9:16:14 PM: from /opt/buildhome/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.6.5/bin/ruby_executable_hooks:24:in `eval’

9:16:14 PM: from /opt/buildhome/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.6.5/bin/ruby_executable_hooks:24:in `’

9:16:14 PM: Error during gem install

9:16:14 PM: Error running command: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 1

9:16:14 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site

9:16:14 PM: Finished processing build request in 39.66382542s"

I double-checked after reading this and I still have Bundler v 2.0.1, so not sure why it’s coming up with that message. As for the Ruby versions, it seems like it’s using rvm to download my specific ruby version and it’s gumming up the works. I welcome your take on what’s going on and any ideas as to how to fix this problem and get my site back up.

Thank you for your time and head scratching.


When I deploy my Jekyll site, Netlify’s Ubuntu server has to use RVM to run my site’s specific Ruby version. After completing Ruby 2.6.5 install it can’t find Bundler and the build fails:

" 7:11:39 AM: Required ruby-2.6.5 is not installed - installing.

7:11:39 AM: Searching for binary rubies, this might take some time.

7:11:40 AM: Found remote file

7:11:40 AM: Checking requirements for ubuntu.

7:11:41 AM: Requirements installation successful."

" Could not find ‘bundler’ (2.0.1) required by your /opt/build/repo/Gemfile.lock. (Gem::GemNotFoundException)

7:12:03 AM: To update to the latest version installed on your system, run bundle update --bundler.

7:12:03 AM: To install the missing version, run gem install bundler:2.0.1"

I am looking into installing Linux on my Windows laptop or on a flash drive and then installing Ruby, RVM, etc and testing my site from there (since I don’t think RVM works on Windows) - this way I can build my site and Gemfile using one of the Ruby versions already installed on Netlify’s Ubuntu server.

Does this make sense? Is there a faster/ better way? How would you solve this problem?

Thank you.

Hmm, that should work as you’re expecting. Can you tell me your site ID so I can look at our internal logs for your builds? You can find the API ID, which is safe to share publicly, on the general settings page for your site in our admin UI.

I am uncomfortable sharing my API key but my site is

Lemme know if that helps you check under the hood.

Thanks, that works too :slight_smile:

For future reference, your API ID for a site is not usable in any nefarious way. API Tokens for your login (found under ARE very sensitive and should never be shared).

I can see from your repo that your Gemfile.lock seems to have a good bundler version at the bottom but I’ll need to do some testing to see if I can generate a more correct Gemfile.lock. (to be clear I can’t see what is wrong, but I think maybe I can recreate one that works better - it is at least worth a try once I get ruby-2.6.5 installed locally). I’ll likely get back to you tomorrow.

Thanks for looking into this. I just installed Ubuntu on my Windows machine, in hopes that I could use RVM to convert my 2.6.5 gem into the Netlify default (2.6.2) or even 2.5.4 since Github pages is still in 2.5.x. But, not being a Ruby programmer, I am wondering if it’s even possible to revert a gem to a previous version. For example, RVM makes it possible to switch between Ruby environments to update a previous version gem to a newer version. But it seems like the only way to revert to an older gem is by archiving it through some method of version control (which my unorganized ass did not do back when I got rid of my mac). OK… here’s to hoping my rambling and surmising is not needed and that you have already birthed a new baby Gemfile.lock that works. (Oh, and thanks for clearing up the difference between API ID for a site and API token for an app. Good to know!)

Hi @clarkinia, I’m not sure what you mean. Are you getting a specific error? If so, what is the exact error you are getting? Could you also share the site that is getting the error?

Hi Dennis, This is the main issue. The error is that I need to run Bundler. But I did already. And the site is not deploying because of this issue (or so it seems) Thank you for your help. Reg

Here’s the error message:

We have a new update shipping on Monday that may help out. I’ll ping back here once you can try it as it may work better!

OK, should be live now @clarkinia ! Could you try again and let us know if your build is any smoother?

Details are here, for the curious: Builds: Bundler version from Gemfile.lock now installed and used

Success! Thank you for your help.

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Yep welcome to ruby and netlify. I think you should start thinking about building your blog with gatsby, so node. I am having failed builds all the time and I know what the problems are but unfortunately you can’t update it yourself. For example I depend on ImageMagick version higher than 6.7.7 for using webp because I am using the jekyll picture tag plugin. Someone told me to downgrade from ubuntu 16 to 14 image because apparently they found a PPA for ImageMagick higher than 6.7.7 (which btw still says 6.7.7 on trusty readme on github). Yep fixed it! However my built now takes 4.3 minutes instead of 26 seconds. because now I had to use ruby version 2.6.2 instead of 2.7.1 which apparently is the highest supported version on ubuntu 14. And so this is giving me problems with the dependency sassc which gives me the 4 minute range aargh :joy: