Build failing for Zola site (Was working few days ago)

My Zola site builds started failing few days ago.

  • netlify site name. happy-lalande-63e62a
  • DNS issues? No
  • Relevant build log

The zola build itself works - I think.

12:30:26 PM: Building site...
12:30:26 PM: Checking all internal links with anchors.
12:30:26 PM: > Successfully checked 0 internal link(s) with anchors.
12:30:26 PM: -> Creating 63 pages (0 orphan) and 31 sections
12:30:27 PM: Done in 761ms.
12:30:27 PM: Unhandled rejection…
12:30:27 PM: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'packageName')
12:30:27 PM:     at title (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/error/type.js:111:31)
12:30:27 PM:     at getTitle (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/error/parse/parse.js:66:12)
12:30:27 PM:     at getFullErrorInfo (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/error/parse/parse.js:13:20)
12:30:27 PM:     at logBuildError (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/log/messages/core.js:17:27)
12:30:27 PM:     at handleBuildError (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/error/handle.js:17:9)
12:30:27 PM:     at async buildSite (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/core/main.js:65:30)
12:30:27 PM:     at async runCli (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/core/bin.js:20:36)
12:30:27 PM: /opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/.bin/netlify-build exited with exit code 0 without finishing the build.
12:30:28 PM: Build failed due to an internal system error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 4
12:30:28 PM: Failing build: Failed to build site
12:30:29 PM: Finished processing build request in 18.525s

build settings : You can refer to netlify.toml here


Yes, my obsidian-zola build has failed as well:

11:21:34 PM: build.command from netlify.toml                               
11:21:34 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
11:21:34 PM: ​
11:21:34 PM: $ rm -rf __obsidian __site && mkdir __obsidian && mv * __obsidian || true && git clone __site && __site/
11:21:34 PM: mv: cannot move '__obsidian' to a subdirectory of itself, '__obsidian/__obsidian'
11:21:34 PM: Cloning into '__site'...
11:21:38 PM: Failed during stage 'building site': Build script returned non-zero exit code: 4 (

Here is the full log:

site name:

toml file:

Hi @mandarvaze,

Checking your deploy history, you seem to have resolved the issue. Are you still having issues?

If you’ve resolved, mind sharing your solution, so @movanet can try that?

Having the same problem as well. Spent a few hours debugging it but no luck. Looks to me like something internally happening at Netlify CI. I’ve tried to make sure the build script has no error but for some reasons netlify-build keeps exiting code 4

This has been escalated to the devs.

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Same problem here! Any update from devs?

Hi, no updates yet but our devs are investigating now and will follow on this thread when we find a solution.

@hrishikesh @movanet I didn’t resolve the issue specifically.
I switched from obsidian-zola to GitHub - orditeck/cheap-publish: A fork of obsidian-zola & obsidian-zola-plus with a few more features and an honest name. - which seemed to have resolved the issue.
It could be completely timing :slight_smile: Though I would like to believe it is switching to cheap-publish helped :slight_smile:

BTW, I had problem for my hugo site as well. Turns out the details are hidden under Deploying stage - which is shown as Complete (marked in green) :man_shrugging:

Read about it here : Interesting Netlify Build Problem Β· @mandarvaze’s microblog if you are curious.

it’s back to normal now for me. Not sure what about anyone else

As I mentioned above, it is working for me as well. But I’m not sure if it was just timing or my changes helped :man_shrugging:

This has been resolved from our end as of yesterday.

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must be from netlify changes because i’m not using your setup. Thanks @hrishikesh and the team for the help

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