Build exceeding allowed time when it was deploying fine until now


My sites smplrspace ( and smplrspace-dev ( are not building in the allowed time. Since the last version (which was deploying fine), I have only downgraded a dependency’s version, no other changes. I don’t see any reason this would be the case. It gets stuck at the functions bundling step which takes almost 20m when it used to take about 3-4m. The build itself seems to work and takes the same amount of time it used to.

From scrolling through the logs and comparing with the last successful build, I’m seeing @netlify/build updated from 26.1.1 to 26.2.0.

Last successful build: Netlify App
Failing build: Netlify App
Deploy settings have not changed, screenshot below:

as well as extract from netlify.toml file:

  command = "CI='' yarn build:netlify"
  publish = "studio/build"
  functions = "backend/netlify/functions/dist"

  NODE_VERSION = "12.18.0"
  YARN_VERSION = "1.19.2"
  YARN_FLAGS = "--frozen-lockfile"

Thanks for the help.

Note: this is a hotfix for a live app, any faster you may be able to help is appreciated :pray:

Seems I’m not alone - Netlify lambda deploys started timing out with no relevant code change.

Please help us provide updates on an ETA for a fix or deploy alternatives. Not being able to hotfix our app is a huge problem and we should at the very least be able to set some expectations with our own clients.

hi @tibotiber - we are actively working on this issue - we know it is a concern for many folks and we have our best people on the case.

please do join in the conversation on that thread! we will update you as soon as we have some more news to share.

i am going to close this thread to avoid duplication - so we can keep the conversation around this issue focused in one place and no information gets lost.

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