Broken url cannot find the page

Hello, I uploaded my file manually on netlify for the website and linked the URL through GoDaddy.
I added the nameservers in the DNS configurations of the website as well

Hey @pdipak40

Have you read through [Support Guide] I’ve deployed my site but I still see "Page not found”?

In short, is there an index.html in the project?

Hello, yes I did read through that. I have index.html page

Looking at that image, there is a documentation/index.html and a html/index.html but there is is no index.html at the root of the site.

If you navigate to your site then add /html to the end of it, do you see the site?

Yes I can see the site then. Do I Need to put in the index.html in the root file? How should I fix this?

Yes, an index.html needs to exist at the root (as per the support guide linked above.)

I can’t see the site you’ve build, what structure it takes (other than seeing there is a documentation and html directory in the screenshot above) so can’t make suggestions on what you need to do. If everything in html is the site, the drag-and-drop that directory or ZIP the contents of the directory (not the directory itself) and drag-and-drop that archive. If the documentation directory is required, try moving it into the html directory.

Again, these are only best guesses as I cannot see what you have built. An index.html must exist in the directory you are deploying whatever the case.

I am trying to redirect the DNS through GoDaddy. I added the provided DNS under Nameservers in goDaddy

I see is using Netlify DNS (please in the future, can you type the address as well as providing a screenshot.) However while is accessible which suggests you may not have followed this documentation correctly.

I suggest checking the above documentation and also reading through [Support Guide] DNS Quick Start - How to set up DNS. Also check out

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