Breadcrumbs in Gatsby

Hello everyone, please help me figure it out, installed the gatsby-plugin-breadcrumb plugin, tried different settings, nothing helps. Bread crumbs are not properly aligned. When going from page to page.

Hi @chest4, welcome!

I think you should look for support on the Gatsby forums, this is the Netlify forum.



@andylemaire I don’t believe that there is a Gatsby forum. After Gatsby was acquired by Netlify their Support Page was changed to point here. It’s why there are frequent Gatsby specific questions.


Oh sorry, in that case I hope someone with Gatsby knowledge can help you. :grinning:

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a Gatsby forum for a long time :slight_smile: and for a long time I was looking for a solution to bread crumbs, on the old cms there was such a problem, I remember, there was an additional plugin to fix everything, and here I need to do everything myself)

To clarify, this forum is not meant for troubleshooting Gatsby framework (code-related issues) like this one. This was meant for Gatsby Cloud users with questions specific to Gatsby Cloud and we still don’t provide any code-level assistance for any framework. With the Gatsby Cloud platform reaching its EOL on November 1, this forum would again be just a Netlify forum.

This is to say @chest4, I’m sorry, but this question is better suited on some kind of a programming forum than here. We won’t be able to provide help with the plugin, or in aligning your list.