Gatsby-remark-prismjs: Line Numbering Not Working

Hi Everyone,
I have installed gatsby-remark-prismjs plugin in Netlify GitHub repo for line numbering feature. But Line Numbering is not working. Is there anything I am configuring wrong?

I followed official plugin guide as well as reference blog yet nothing works even though repo gets deployed live successfully. Please help on this as I think some similar issue is affecting gatsby-remark-code-buttons plugin from working too.

The only error encountered while deploying in Netlify : “Your plugins must export known APIs from their gatsby-node.js.”

Line Number Plugin: gatsby-remark-prismjs

Sample Reference Example GitHub Repo: gatsby_blog/ at master · wbonneville/gatsby_blog · GitHub

Above Repo’s Gatsby Blogpost:

My GitHub Link:

Please Help if possible.

Hi @sourabhlonikar,

I’d advise you to open an issue on Gatsby or the plugin’s discussion channels. This is not a Netlify-specific issue and it would be difficult for us to debug someone else’s code.

With that being said, if you do find an answer, do post it here so that it could help someone else.

Hi @hrishikesh,
Thanks for responding. I have raised the question in gastby forum as you have suggested. Waiting for response.