Branch Subdomains not working correctly

Neither subdomain works despite development being tied to that branch for over six months. Need to understand what’s necessary to get these branch subdomains working correctly.

For example, when I view the DNS panel, I see all DNS records identical. That can’t be right, is it?

I’m not sure what additional information I can provide other than the feature doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ve read all relevant docs, but seems like this is unique to me?

Hiya @nickcooley and welcome to our community! You appear to have mistakenly enabled our DNS hosting, but you do not use it. I’d disable that unused service here:

…and then follow this guide which is how to correctly use our branch subdomains with external DNS such as you have (hosted at godaddy). This will be FAR easier than moving your DNS to our service, so it is my recommendation that you follow the above steps:

If you choose to follow that advice, I’ll need you to report back that you have the appropriate CNAME records set up (effectively - matching the top two in your screenshot, but created at godaddy), and then we can extend the SSL certificate for you to use them :slight_smile: