Branch Subdomain SSL/TLS certificate extension

Could I please have my manually configured SSL certificate extending for my new branch subdomain. My DNS is managed elsewhere is the reason I’m asking like it says in this post: [Support Guide] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS

Branch subdomain:


Hi, @MugishaU. This site is using a third-party SSL certificate. We cannot modify third-party certificates. If you migrate to using the automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL using Netlify, we can extend the SSL certificate to include this subdomain.

If there are questions about this, please let us know.

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Hi Luke, thanks for your response
Is there any way I can change the SSL certificate myself? To use my own wildcard.

The certificate just needs to be applied to the branch deploy, it doesn’t need to be altered in any way

Yes, the process is same as how you added the 3rd party certificate in the first place. Simply click on update certificate in the SSL settings.