Branch deploy SSL

Hi guys!

I created a branch deploy: LOIA which seems to have an SSL certificate but once you open the page, it says that the SSL certificate is not vaild, do you have any idea of what could be happening? The production deployment works just fine with a SSL certificate.

Hi @crespoluis03

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When you say production deployment you are speaking of which does work. However, does not.

I suggest there is something amiss in the configuration of the custom domain for your site. Did you following all the step in the Netlify DNS documentation (see also [Support Guide] DNS Quick Start - How to set up DNS)?


Yeah, I already did that, works perfectly, but not, and also isn’t working. The problem with the develop branch is that it hass a SSL certificate but is not valid.

Can you try pressing the Renew Certificate button under SSL/TLS Certificate to see if that generates a new certificate to cover both and

Now it works for, but my branch develop doesn’t, what can I do? It says “https” but crossed out. And because of this, my app does not work correctly

Have you configured develop as a branch subdomain? e.g

Yeah I had, now it seems to be working so thanks for the help!

Great news @crespoluis03 :partying_face:

Likely as there was no certificate for the apex domain the system was unable to then generate one for the develop subdomain.