Branch Deploy Periodically Failing [Likely Due to SSL Errors]


I am trying to take advantage of the Branch Deploy functionality to deploy develop branches from two of my projects. I have only been partially successful with this, as my branch deploy previews from Netlify work fine, but the custom domains at are failing periodically.

I believe these errors are related to failed SSL provisioning. When I try to navigate to each of these domains I get this error:

An error occurred during a connection to Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).

To clarify, I am using Netlify’s DNS service, I have a valid CNAME record for each site, and I have added Netlify’s nameservers to my domain registrar.

For reference, the branch deploy domains are as follows:


Also, the working deploy previews of each branch are as follows:


Thank you

Hey @jseanpatel,

There’s a guide for that :wink:! I can see you’ve done most of the legwork needed in steps 1 and 3. I’ve reconfigured the certificates. For it went through without a hitch however you’ll need to double-check the CNAME record for your site.

Once that’s complete, you can give it a moment and renew the cert. If you have any problems, you know where we are! :+1:

Hi @Scott,

I got it figured out. I was missing the “–” in the creation of my CNAME. Thanks for the help!

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