Blog post not showing up: HTTP Error 500

Hello together,

I could not find any related topic so here I go :slight_smile: : I deployed my astro site and everything works fine but my blog post. When clicking the post (on the site “blog”) a page appears showing HTTP Error 500.

The site name is

Any additions are: Tailwind CSS and SSR turned on.

Many thanks for assistance on that.

The issue will be related to this, as 500 errors on Netlify tend to indicate that a function execution has died at runtime.

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Many thanks for that Nathan - I will try to switch off SSR and will report on the result and mark the answer appropriately. :slight_smile:

@lukas_dev Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you have to avoid using SSR longer term, just that it’s a good starting point for investigating.

Hey @nathanmartin, I have disabled SSR and now the blog post loads, however all my images are not visible throughout the whole site after redeploying. I found something similar here “My images are not showing on the website, how to fix the problem - #3 by shahbhavya” and after checking it in the Netlify UI I see every build command unchanged - however the field for basedirectory is empty. May this cause the missing pictures?

@lukas_dev It just seems to be the paths that are being output for the files, for example on the /about/ page the file path is:

Which is a relative file path that expects to go higher than the root level.

The actual file can be found with /lucas.png here:

Perfect @nathanmartin Many thanks for your effort on that - great!

Just a last question for getting it: Why have the images been moved to the main directory? In the initial deploys the images have been in the public subdirectory, but now I had to delete thepblic folder from the file path. Is it simply, because they have been deployed before to the top directory?

If I add more images in the future I assume I will have to add them with the folder in the beginning of the path, right?

Many thanks again - you made my day! :slight_smile:

@lukas_dev To be honest, I don’t really know, I’ve never worked with Astro, and don’t currently have any interest in doing so, since I’ve been a dev for so long I’ve sadly become apathetic to the hot new and the constant roller-coaster ride of the hype cycle.

In terms of the deployment location on Netlify though, your Publish directory becomes the root of your deployment, so if you had a folder called public, (which was your Publish directory), and a file called public/something.jpg after deployment it would be available at /something.jpg.

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