Blog body not showing up on live site

I have my website set up with netlify CMS, hosting, and Hugo.
I have an issue I can’t figure out- I’ve already tried to reach out in other forums but no reply.
The body of my blog won’t show up on my live site, but it does show up on my CMS and Markdown files, I’ve re-read all my files and can’t find what’s wrong.
I would greatly appreciate any help.

My site:

My git:

@Paloma I don’t work with Hugo myself, nor do I have it installed, so I can only answer from having had a quick look at your code and the documentation.

You have:

<article id="blog">
  {{ .Params.body }}

The .Params is how Page Level Parameters are accessed.

But body is not a parameter in that data.

What you are trying to access is the text underneath the frontmatter, which looks like it may be accessed with a Page Variable of .Content

Apologies if I’m completely wrong, but hopefully it points you in the right direction.

this is it! thank youu

Hi @Paloma thanks for coming back and confirming you found your solution! (: