Best way to use and show images

Hello, I’m working on a new website made in Gatsby and I’m trying the Netlify CMS for the first time. It’s a photographer portfolio with a blog so it will have a lot of images.
I need to create an image gallery for every post/page with almost 100 images per post.

Is there any way to have a multi-file/image upload?
Does the Large Media also integrate some kind of assets organizing tool?

I’m thinking of activating the Large Media to have everything in the same Netlify ecosystem but looks that Cloudinary is the better tool for this kind of content.

So, before a go-ahead, I would know what is the best way to implement an image gallery and how to manage the assets.

Thank you so much,

hi Maurizio, I am going to move your question to a different part of the forums that is maybe a bit more suitable for this question!