Understanding the NetlifyCMS Media Library functionality

Hi all, new to Netlify CMS so apologies if I sound like a dunce with such a simple question haha :sweat_smile:

I’ve recently started working with NetlifyCMS + Gatsby JS.
I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around the use of the main “Media Library” located in the header of the Netlify CMS backend, and the media libraries for a collection.

My media_folder attribute in the config.yml for NetlifyCMS is set to media_folder: static/uploads .

When I open the media library, I can see 2 files that I have placed within the static/uploads folder, however, when I go to edit a blog post, I can only see images that are stored in the same path as the blog post that is being edited.

On a surface level I understand why this is happening, but what I’m getting confused / hung up on is… what is the point of the main media library then? How can I utilize files that are visible / uploaded to the main media library within a blog or any other collections I setup?

Is the “media library” interface to simply just allow users to add files to the codebase without having to edit the actual codebase? And these files can then be pulled in via Graphql or directly imported into a react component?

Are your folder directories in your .yml correct? In a couple examples I’m working off, we have:

media_folder: "static/images/uploads"
public_folder: "/images/uploads"

media_folder should match the path to the repo, public_folder should match the what you append to your URL to navigate to the asset :slight_smile: