Been trying to cancel an old domain

I had a domain that was purchased using netlify ( The site is no longer needed and I thought I had set it to not auto-renew. Unfortunately it has lead to alot of frustration being I have tried to contact support to help me stop the renewal of this domain but it has now locked me out of everything and there is no customer support for my tier of service. I would like to get all my current open projects released and remove this domain from being renewed. Is there any way to get some help on this?

– Edit This issue was never confronted or resolved. I would like to request a refund on the renewal of this domain. I have had a horrible time trying to get this issue resolved. I love netlify but this has been a mess.

Hi, @tylerdh12. I do see the support helpdesk tickets for this and I did reply to the most recent earlier this evening.

Please reply to the email we sent about helpdesk ticket # 36719 and we’ll follow-up with you there.