Background image

the main background image does not show on iphone devices. When I test it locally it shows but not when I deploy it and someone opens the app on an iphone. On android mobile devices, it works fine.

Hey @felixflex21, what background image are you referencing? Do you have a screenshot? Thanks!

Hey, I have a background image behind the countdown clock. It’s not a screenshot., I can see all files and images in my github. It’s very
weird. The image is two people kissing. It shows locally on my machine and on android devices but not on iphones. I really appreciate you looking into this. Thank you. that’s the new name. I deleted the app and deployed it again to see if it worked and it still didn’t work.

Hey @felixflex21,

This looks to be a CSS issue, unrelated to Netlify. However, this topic should point you in the right direction!

Thank you so much, it works now. It was a CSS issue. Iphone doesn’t not support the “background-attachment: fixed”, so I removed it and now it works.

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