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Await response when using a webhook to build site

I’m using the webhook to build my site but I’d love to know when the build finishes at the least without visiting the console. Is there anyway I can accomplish this?

Hi @simeon9696 :wave:

I don’t work at Netlify, but having supported similar systems before what I can tell you is that having a request thread remain open for potentially the entirety of a site’s build is a huge performance issue – and often also not possible without hitting a timeout on the underlying infrastructure.

The best thing to do here would be to treat the request to start the build process as an individual step, as it is right now. Then you can use something like Netlify’s Deploy notifications to be notified about the outcome of the build.

From Netlify’s side, this ensures that each request->response cycle is short and quick, and it also gives you more flexibility with the kinds of events you want to be notified of.

Hope this clarifies some things for you!


Thanks for your insight! I understand what you’re saying and Deploy Notifications seem like the way to go.

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