Authenticate users with Netlify Identity

I want people to be able to login with other providers. Google, apple, Facebook, etc.

Firebase seems to do this fairly easily and I might just have to use their stuff. Id prefer to use the netlify free tier ($100 a month is too much, id rather pay $5 until I’ve got more users)

Is it possible to do all in the platform or are people using firebase, writing their own, or is there some convoluted way users will actually do using one of the options and it’s just two layers deep?

@WhyDontYouWork The external providers that Netlify currently support are:


The pricing for Identity on Netlify is:

Firebase offers:

Pricing for Firebase Authentication is:

It’s up to you what you use, and how you implement it.

Based on the providers you’ve mentioned, it seems like Firebase would be a good fit.


Thanks. What do you use for authentication? I started with netlify but then went to firebase, and I’m back here… Netlify was too limited when I actually got to diply and firebase I didn’t like the hosting plans

A custom system leaning on Firebase, leveraging:

It won’t make any difference regarding a Firebase Authentication implementation, but as of late last year we don’t host our sites with Netlify.