Auth broken after Database Restore - Twitch API

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i recently restored my server and my Authentication flow broke.

Currently I am…

  1. Using twitch API to authenticate use
  2. Running trigger function after authenticate to update a profiles table in my database with a new user
  3. I am getting the errors…

"message": "An invalid response was received from the upstream server"

Upon checking discord and other resources, others seem to have the problem, but fixed it by dropping any tabsles with an FK that points to a user auth.

For me however, I have no tables / columns that have an FK for Authenticated Users tab – I do have FK pointing to the Primary Key of profiles, which is the UUID of an authenticated user.

Auth was working before, so I believe this was an issue with my database restore.

Any ideas how to fix this ? Thanks.

I got an email from Supabase support, but I am still confused…

My profiles table has an id ( primary key ) that matches the UUID in the authentication tab.

Is this email telling me I need to remove it ? If so, I am not sure how I am suppose to have a user in my profiles table.

I fixed my issue thanks to help from Gary in Discord and a Support Agent Leo.

Thanks a lot.

My issue was a FK on Email, which I thought was needed, but wasn’t.

Following the steps in the email, or just removing the FK constraint from the email field of the profiles table fixed it for me.


@Netlified Glad you were able to get it sorted out.

Just remember that support for issues that aren’t directly Netlify related is going go be very limited on these forums, if the issue is with another provider you’re always going to be best asking their support or community.