Audio not working on live website

Good afternoon,
So i´m having a problem with a website i launched at netifly.
The audio ins´t working on the deployed site because of the error “Error attempting to play audio: DOMException: The element has no supported sources.”
After verifying, I assumed the issue was with the file path of the resources.
They used to be in a folder called music, so the path I used originally was /music/theme.mp3
Since the main image was also failing to load, I created a public folder and added both the image, and the mp3 file inside, to test.
The image correctly displays now but the audio still doenst and I keep getting this error.
Can someone help me decode this?
Thank you

Current file path :
src=“/public/main-theme.mp3” type=“audio/mpeg”>

It would help if you shared the site you are having issues with. If you are deploying from git, sharing the public repository would also help.

Are you sure you’re using the correct path to the file?