Are there logs available for _redirects?

Are there any site logs available for requests handled entirely through _redirects ? Or are logs only available for functions?

The motivation is purely for analytics (i.e. understand which redirects are more common).

Unfortunately no the only logs we have are for functions. Have you thought about setting up A/B testing and tethering that to a analytics tool?

Thank you @SamO for the response and for confirming no logs. After my initial post, I did find a link that also helps clarify:

In my case, I’m interested in _redirects. Browser-side analytics are not applicable because these are traditional redirects leaning on HTTP location header. i.e. Browser-side analytic tag will never fire in this case, metrics would need to come from server-side.

Thank you again, if such logs ever became available in the future, I’d certainly be interested.

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