Analytics with Netlify Redirects

Netlify Analytics looks great and a much more future-proof way of seeing the fundamentals of your site’s performance than bolting on loads of client-side code.

An important metric for my site is outbound link clicks. My process for tracking these clicks is twofold. Firstly, I send them through */out/[specific link] and use netlify redirects for the site I’m linking to. Secondly, I use google analytics javascript events to track each click to */out/[specific link].

Is there some way to use Netlify Analytics to replace this? I.e. could I create a report which listed outbound link clicks grouped by */out/[specific link]?


Hi @neetso, currently, the metrics available are mentioned in our Analytics docs . Perhaps one of those metrics (maybe ‘top pages’) would work for your needs?

Same question here, is there anyway to enable analytics for responses with a 301 or 302 status code?

I have a similar use to @neetso, I want to leverage Netlify Redirects as my own URL shortener and track how many clicks the links get. I could also see it being useful for tracking how many links are still pointing to an old page after it has been moved and redirected in the CDN

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thanks for chiming in about this, @tony and @neetso - these seem like totally valid requests and i’m reaching out to the analytics team to see if this is something we’d consider! I’ll update this thread when we hear something :muscle:

Hi @neetso and @tony :slight_smile:
We are working on extending the “Top Resources not found” chart to include other non-200 status codes (like 3xx).
While I’m not sure you’ll be able to filter for specific status codes immediately I hope this brings some visibility to your redirects.

Thanks @perry and @marcus! It sounds like that will definitely do what I need right now, even if it may not cover every specific use case like filtering by status code.

Any chance there’s a Github issue for this work that I can keep an eye on?

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hey @tony - not a public one at this time, but we will absolutely keep this thread updated as work takes place. :muscle:

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Any updates on this issue? I’ve been using redirects as a shortener, but would love to get some analytics on those clicks.

Maybe there are some workarounds?

Not yet, we are hoping to have an update in this month or next. Sorry for the delay!

Hi, I also would like Analytics to show redirects.

Is there anything new to share on this topic?

hi @nhoizey - we don’t have anything new to share quite just yet, but one of the team will update this thread as soon as we do!

ok, thanks, we’ll wait… :wink: