Apt-get install build dependency?

Is it possible to apt-get install build dependencies on the build image? If not is the another way I can install dependencies? Specifically I want ikiwiki.

Hello @JamieKay, since sudo is not possible in the build-image, you won’t be able to use apt-get. You do have access to the internet so you can download whatever dependency you need as a static binary and call it directly (without installing). Alternatively, you can file an issue here if you feel like your dependency should be included in the image by default.

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Is it possible instead, to do the Perl ikiwiki build say on {Travis,Circle}CI and then deploy to Netlify?

@kaihendry Could we have a javascript process grab the built files from Travis/Circle in a similar way to this guy uses to grab his content files from DropBox?

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You can grab files from anywhere on the internet during build as long as it is accessible to the public (since we don’t work from a “steady” pool of IP addresses during build). Another pattern you could use is to pre-build a binary and check it into your repo, and use it directly. Make sure you target the appropriate OS and architecture for our build network for this binary (see https://github.com/netlify/build-image#running-locally for more details; currently ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04 x86_64 architecture is used during builds).