APIs (function) work on local, but not after deployment

Hi Support-

I have an issue with the Google Maps API and Geolocation API on a personal project in Netlify. Here’s the hosted project: https://nps-finder.com. It’s a mapping platform that begins with finding the user’s location on Google Maps.

The issue is when I reverse geo — meaning, after deployment, a function fails to provide the data that shows the user’s current address in the project. You can see the blank white window in the top-left corner of the app:


It’s odd because both APIs still seem to be working… as the map is able to appear and the user’s location via marker appears on the map as well. And when I attempt to run this project locally, everything works without an issue.

Here is the repository on GitHub: https://github.com/seanberry89/nps-finder. Any idea of what I can do to resolve this would be appreciated.


Hi @sberry :wave:t6: , welcome to the forums! Glad you found us.

Did you check to make sure your API requests were not blocked by CORS restrictions?

When I inspect your page I see this error

@SamO Apologies for the late response. I’ve been reviewing CORS restrictions and Google Maps API via Google / StackOverflow to determine if this is a common issue with the API or not. I did find a few helpful posts, but nothing substantial to assist me with resolving the issue.

However, I did find an answer. I noticed that the Google Maps API does work with Netlify when I manually deploy the app versus link the GitHub repository for continuous deployment. Although I wanted this app to be linked to GitHub and deployed continuously, alongside the others, I’ll take the loss and have the app working 100% via manual deployment.

Thanks anyway!

AHHH I see sorry you can’t utilise continous deployment. glad you found a workaround though.