""Another site is already using this domain""

Netlify site name: https://bmbnetworks.netlify.app/
Custom domain: bmbnetworks.com

I lost access to my previous account with this custom domain.
Please help to remove it from my old account and let me verify it again.

I added a TXT record to my domain “verified-for-bmbnetworks.netlify.app” to proof ownership.
Thank you.

Hey there, @clamor :wave:

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. When I check the TXT record for your custom domain, I receive the following message bmbnetworks.com has no TXT record. Can you please try setting up your TXT record for your custom domain again?

Thanks so much

Hi @hillary ,

I have just set the TXT record in cloudflare again:
Name: verified-for-netlify
Content: verified-for-bmbnetworks.netlify.app

please kindly check again.

Hey @clamor,

The domain has been removed from the other account.