Animated webp images

Are animated webp images supported by Netlify?
I have a Nextjs website with animated webp images, they work locally and with Vercel, but on Netlify they are displayed as still images. I haven’t changed any build settings and I am not using asset optimization.

can you share your site name or link to your site?

I have an animated image on post 1 preview when hovering.

Serving animated WebP should not be an issue, but I believe next/image component might not be supporting animated WebP on Netlify.

We use ipx as a dependency and looks like they support WebP animations with a modifier: support animated gif/webp · Issue #35 · unjs/ipx ( I’ll let the devs know to add support for this on Netlify.

For now, if you directly use <img> tag instead os using next/image, it should work.