Issue with nextjs webp/avif image formats

Having issue with nextjs webp/avif image formats when deployed to netlify. It seem to be working fine locally and also on Vercel. Do I need to add any additional configuration in netlify?

hi there, when you say “having issue” can you explain a bit more? what kind of issues? do you have a screenshot or some logging info? that will help us troubleshoot.

NextJs provides an option to format images to webp format using the following setting in next config file.

images: {formats: [“image/webp”] }

Looks like this is not working when deployed to netlify. I have attached screenshot of image load with Netlify and local run. You can see that it gets converted to webp format when I run locally but it’s still jpeg on netlify.

Local Run:

Netlify Run:

Did you check this: