Angular SSR - unable to host - as the build contains two subfolders

Hi everyone, so I am trying to deploy angular universal application. And it gets done till here.
Now the build contains two folders:

  • Browser (has index.html, _redirects, etc etc)
  • Server (main.js)

Usually it can run using command node dist/project-name/server/main.js (Also it does on heroku)

But if I use this command on netlify, it get stuck in deployment which I understand because it runs the project instance so it can not be completed ever.

So I am using npm run prerender or build:ssr and they will build it successfully and site is accessible it
site/browser but this is not correct as the api instance (server folder) is still unset.

so where should I tell netlify that after build it should run the command of **



Also, as the _redirects file is inside subfolder of browser, netlify is unable to find it too (I dont know if I need it, I was just trying to fix my issues so had created it)

Hi, @pr.akash. I believe the following support guide has your answer:

If there are other questions after reading that, please let us know.