Analytics Not Working Again

Analytics has not updated in like 12+ hours. This has happened a number of times over the last few months. If it’s not working stop charging me for it.

Well, I guess this explains why I‘m not seeing any data for the two sites I bought the Analytics package for yesterday. A bit disappointing to pay for a services which then isn’t working at all. It’s been stuck at „backfilling“ past data for almost 24 hours now.

This is happen to be more than once in the few months. Also support has not said a word about it in the last few months.

I can see this is not the only thread about this issue. Apparently “the Analytics team” is “being spoken to”. I wonder how long this could take and am sitting here awaiting an answer with bated breath. It really is annoying to be charged for something that isn’t working, I’m with you all the way there.

hi there, I’m sorry you’re not having the best experience with analytics right now. That’s never what we want, of course.

Could you all tell me the sites this is concerning so i can start looking into it?

We are collecting these individual reports and we’ll have a chance to talk to the analytics team tomorrow about this issue. I know that you are (rightly) annoyed and feeling a little impatient - after all, you want the product to work as expected. We never want you to have this kind of experience.

But because analytics effects thousands and thousands (and thousands, probably) of paying customers, we do need to do the due diligence and talk to the right people and find a solution to this problem for everyone.

We feel sure that we are NOT losing any data, and that this is just an issue with how the data is being displayed. I ask that you give us just a little more time to investigate, and we will get back to you with honesty & accountability when we have more info.

thank you again for your patience, and we are trying our best, promise!

@perry the company has had months (by problem started in 02/2020) to find a solution. If it’s not fixed by this time next week I might move my site over to GCP.

I’m currently experiencing this on a new site. Site ID jloh. No data coming in and is currently just “backfilling”. I noticed on this thread that it mentions asking when people changed their site name. I did change my site name yesterday, just after buying the Analytics addon.

FWIW I currently have two sites with analytics enabled. The older site that had analytics enabled maybe last October seems to be updating fine (even in the 24hr view) but the new site that I enabled analytics for 2 days ago looks like it stopped updating yesterday.

what is the site name, please, @hopelessoptimism? Both would be useful, just please let us know which is which, many thanks. is the older one. the newer.

would you have the netlify site names, please, not the custom domains?

Sorry about that, the older one is amazing-ptolemy-5fc342 and the newer is xenodochial-hoover-675c9c

Hi everyone: I have just posted a notice here:

With more information. I am going to close this thread to keep conversation in one place, but feeback and comments are welcome on the new thread linked above. thanks.