Analytics doesn't display meaningful data


I have added the Analytics add-on for my site yesterday, but Analytics doesn’t seem to work, the numbers that are displayed don’t really make sense and they don’t change, no matter how many times the website is opened. Can you please advice?


hey there, this can be the case for multiple reasons. Without a site name its really not possible for us to say.

Using a proxy in front of netlify is known to cause issues:

is that the case here?

Hi Perry,

thanks for your reply. No, there is no proxy in front of netlify. The domain is routed to netlify using an ALIAS DNS record (as per netlify instructions). The site name is boring-wozniak-eb385a.

It would be great if you could take a look why the analytics aren’t updating.


can you confirm that the concern is that analytics aren’t updating at all, or that the numbers seem low?

They are not updating at all. The number of visitors and page views have been stuck/constant since last night.

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we will take a look, and see if we can figure out what is going on. One of the team will respond here when we have an update for you :muscle:

Alright @flore2003 - i have some news for you!

Something odd is happening with your analytics setup, and we’re investigating. We have filed a bug and are going to take a look as soon as we can. The soon as we can part is looking like early next week after we’ve had a chance to talk more in depth with the analytics team.

I know that’s pretty frustrating. I wish it were something where we could just kick it and have it be fixed now. But, I am glad we are catching this now, at the beginning of your data collection (and not the middle).

One of us will report back here as soon as we have an update for ya. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thank you, Perry.

Does this mean that the data is actually not being collected or that it is just not displayed? Also, will I get a refund for the time the service is not available?

good questions!

1.) i am not sure exactly. We’ll know more once the Analytics Pros take a look. We have some data, but we’re not sure why it is not updating in the display. This is a wild guess/hunch, but I feel its likely that we are collecting it and it isn’t showing for some reason. (i’m sorry if this turns out to be wrong. I am not an expert.).

2.) we’d be happy to. Let’s see if we can get this fixed on Monday or Tuesday, and if not, we’ll get you a refund immediately. Thanks for bearing with us.

hey there, are you noticing any changes to your analytics? is it updating correctly now?

@flore2003 your data looks a lot more reasonable to me - let us know if not, please! It’s likely that we had a tough time getting the initial data up to date, plus we have a bit of a delay vs realtime particularly for new sites.

Let me know what you think about the current data when you get a chance.