All deploys failing since "HTTP 500 errors" reported yesterday

Hi there, all our deploys are suddenly failing and we suspect the symptoms relate to the “HTTP 500 errors” reported yesterday 13 Jun on

Builds via the Netlify UI end with:

10:48:02 AM: (@netlify/plugin-nextjs onPostBuild completed in 197ms)
10:48:02 AM: ​
10:48:04 AM: Build failed due to an internal system error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 4
10:48:04 AM: Failing build: Failed to build site
10:48:04 AM: Finished processing build request in 1m10.406s

Build via the Netlify CLI end with:

✔ Finished hashing 342 files and 4 functions
⠇ CDN diffing files... ›   Warning: JSONHTTPError:  500
 ›   Warning: 
  "name": "JSONHTTPError",
  "status": 500,
  "json": {
    "error": "error=missing_object store=aws_storage path=bc7eaa1f36402552a068ca544a3ed1b3d753125c"
 ›   JSONHTTPError: Internal Server Error

Please advise

Update: I see the issue acknowledged on Netlify Status - Increased Build Failures .
Good to know :sweat_smile:

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