After deployment showing multiple links for my blog site, why?

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when i run my app locally it’s working good not any hassle but after deployment its showing an error. like when i browse this site and click a category to open after that i want to change another article but its not changing because of article takes double link (which one is open, hover another one) how can is this happen after deployment can’t understand, how can i solve it?

  • this is my netlify site name. Example:

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this is simple ! youre confusing relative paths with absolute paths

your categories are relative paths meaning if youre on a post like

/xyz itll turn into /xyz/thing

and as /xyz/thing doesnt exist, itll throw a 404, meaning you want to use absolute paths instead so /xyz turns into /thing



<a href="thing">category: thing</a>


<a href="/thing">category: thing</a>

you have to add a / to the beginning :slight_smile:

(also no clue why it works for you locally)

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Thank you so much man! :heart_eyes:

Hiya @elecabuNaser :wave:t6: , welcome to the Netlify Support Forums! Glad to hear this solution was able to help you. Thank you @B00bleaTea we appreciate the help!

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