Advice on how to best build OG tag sharing for multi-tenant single page app

We just launched for serving automated webinars as a multi-tenant solution… and by that I mean users can sign up and host webinars on behalf of their own company with their own branding. The registration pages for those webinars are just part of one large Single Page App though.

The requirement for those pages is to have them surface OG tags for sharing on Facebook or LinkedIn and need to be in the sitemap / crawlable by Google. There will eventually be 1,000s of these and all it takes to create one is for a user to Publish a webinar.

What’s the best way to enable sharing/crawling of these sites? Should I be going down the path of calling the DB from the Gatsby build and actually doing createPages() for them? Or should I be using proxy redirects to serve up static headers/content from the server for crawlers but somehow making the SPA render for browsers?

Any help on direction here appreciated. I have a feeling a Gatsby build for 1000s of pages on every Publish will be extreme overkill.


hi @ewebinar - I moved this post to a slightly different area of our forums that is more dedicated to discussion.

Advising you on this goes a bit beyond what we (as Support for Netlify specifically) can advise you on, but it is definitely possible someone might have some input! If you find resources or information that might be useful for others trying to accomplish the same thing, please do post them here as well - I appreciate it!