Framework recommendation

Hi pros,

I need your advice!

My question is - Would you use GATSBY / CREATE-REACT-APP / NEXT.JS or any other for an app that should contain:

  • User Accounts
  • The users should be able to upload images and text and to put it on the site
  • location-related search (most important!)
  • recurring Payments
  • SEO related things should be good configurable
  • The app should be massively scaleable
  • and of course serverless
    In structure and functionality something like:


Solved :v:
We will use Next.js

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Hey :slight_smile: - Could you explain the reasoning for my own edification. Thanks!

As a friend of mine reasoned, CRA and Next.js are both suitable. But the SEO problem of CRA is still not solved, so he recommended Next :slight_smile:

Interesting, I was more focused on the discussion between gatsby and next tbh. I feel as though any statically generated site will provide good SEO but for myself I probably dont need all the functionality that Next is trying to provide. (Although I haven’t had a deep dive into it yet).

I found this article from Mariusz very helpful:
It would be very frustrating if we used Gatsby just to figure out that it doesnt support must-have features that would be easily done with Next🤔