Adding netlify cms to existing hugo site with pre-existing conditions

Hey there. I have a hugo site I maintain, and at the time to keep things organized, I decided that each post/page would be it’s own little folder with its own little images folder. So my folder structure looks like this:

    ├ archetypes
    ├ ...
    ├ content
        ├ about
            ├ images
                - image.jpg
       ├ ...other pages just like the /about...
       ├ posts
            └ post-one
                └ images
                    └ image.jpg
            └ post-two
                └ images
                    └ image.jpg

Is it possible to keep this setup with netlify cms? If so, how would I configure the media_folder and public_folder items?

With the way Netlify CMS currently works, this set up is incompatible :confused:
Is there any specific reason why you want an images directory for each post?

I actually found a way! It’s a beta feature that let’s me set a media folder per collection:

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