Add SSL on branch subdomain without Netlify DNS


Could you please add SSL on the subdomain below?

Netlify site name:
New branch subdomain:

I did the nslookup check and everything seems fine.

When trying to access the subdomain currently, I have a blank page with “Not found”. I don’t know if it’s gonna be fixed by adding the SSL? :thinking: DNS are handled by Cloudflare, but without using their proxying.

Also, is it possible to have a build hook for another branch than master, when DNS are not managed by Netlify? I don’t see my staging branch in the settings dropdown, despite having already deployed several times with git from this branch.



Hey there. Unfortunately, branch subdomains require you to make use of Netlify DNS. We can add a wildcard SSL certificate but, at present, this is available only to Pro users and above.

You could work around this by creating a separate site for your subdomain.

As for your build hooks query, this discussion/feature request may help!