Accessing a second bitbucket account for same user

I have a repo in bitbucket that I’d like to deploy. I’ve deployed many bitbucket sites so far but this one has a wrinkle:

Because of security concerns for the company that it is for, I needed to create a separate bitbucket login to gain access to it. That is, they would only give access to but all my other bitbucket repos use a different login.

Is there a way I can seamlessly add that login to my account? Or is that actually considered another user so that I need to sign up for a new netlify account to get access to it? The disadvantage of that is that I guess I couldn’t be signed into both in the same browser so that would be annoying.

Hi @paulrosen1 :wave:t6: welcome back to the forums! I’m curious why don’t you just do a drag and drop? You can have two repos connected to one netlify account but you can’t create two separate accounts on Netlify that goes against our terms of service.

Can you give this support guide a read and see if this helps resolve your issue?

I don’t understand what you mean by “drag and drop”. Here’s how I normally set up a new site: From Netlify App I click “add new site” “import an existing project” “bitbucket” then it gives me a bunch of choices of bitbucket accounts that I’m connected to and I can choose a repo there. That works great when I’m using my main bitbucket account.

The problem is that the bitbucket repo I want is not accessible from my main bitbucket account. I need to log into bitbucket with different credentials to get to that repo. So I would need a choice to “switch bitbucket login” or something, or add the second login so that all the repos show up.

That support issue you pointed to is for two repos in a single site. I have a different issue. I have one site with one repo, but that repo has different login credentials.

What I described is the only way I know to create a new site, mainly because it works so well!

I just explored “manual” which I think is what you mean by drag and drop. That looks like it would work. It’s not as convenient, though. I really like just committing code and having it start off a build. It looks like I would have to re-drag everytime I wanted to deploy changes.

Hi @paulrosen1,

You can deploy from any repo tied to any Git account as long as you’re the owner of the repo. If this doesn’t work for some reason, let us know and we can check.

This doesn’t work in this one particular case. (It has worked for many other repos.) When I choose “bitbucket” as the place where the repo lives I am presented with a list of the repos that netlify can find. There are many repos to choose from. However, the repo I’m interested in is not listed so I can’t choose it.

I can tell you exactly why it is not listed but I’m not sure how to get around the problem.

The reason it is not listed is that I have TWO bitbucket accounts. One is my main account that is linked up to netlify. The other is a bitbucket account with a different email that I was forced to create because the owner of the repo I’m interested in wants every developer who is granted access to use an email account from his domain. That is, I log into my second bitbucket account with the email address

I would like any repos that my second account has access to be available in netlify. It is exactly as if I had a co-worker with me on the netlify account. I want both my repos and my co-worker’s repos to show up.

You simply need to log out of your Bitbucket account and log into the correct one before clicking on “Import from Bitbucket”.

I feel like I’m missing something really basic here, so sorry for the absolute noob questions.

I created a new personality in my browser so I could stay logged in to my normal bitbucket account but also be logged in to this other bitbucket account.

In the new tab I went to and clicked “login”. I expected to get a login page but it redirects me to the sign up page. (With the “tell us about yourself” questions).

I tried the same thing in Safari and I did get the log in page but that’s not the browser I want to work in.

I did go ahead and log in on Safari with the second bitbucket account and it looks like it created a new netlify user for me. There wasn’t a chance to be logged in with my real netlify account that I could tell.

I did search for the repo I was interested in and I do see it. So I could deploy from there. If there were a way to link these two netlify accounts I think I’d be set.

I was really hoping to only have one netlify account, though.

Update: in the browser personality in which I’m logged into my atlassian account I was able to clear all localStorage and cookies for netlify and app.netlify and it did allow me to log in as that new user.

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@paulrosen1 thanks for letting us know you resolved your problem! ( :

I didn’t resolve the problem. I did find a workaround that is a little annoying, but at least I can get my work done.

I think there should be a way to link TWO bitbucket accounts to my netlify account.

I understand thanks for sharing that feedback with us. I can understand how annoying it would be to toggle between two accounts.

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