Access to the underlying os utils for the serverless deployment

I’m working on a product called OptiSentry & in its previous version, it had an experimental feature called “Security Tracerouting” & to make the feature work, it needs an OS util called “traceroute”. All NPM packages (such as nodejs-traceroute) for tracerouting simply spawn a child process running the “traceroute” util. A way around it is called “Sloppy Tracerouting”, which is simply an implementation of traceroute util in Node.js, except that it gets blocked due to some firewall restrictions.

So if I were to implement the tracerouting feature through the serverless endpoint having access to the “traceroute” util over the on Netlify’s serverless platform, then how would I go about implementing it (if it can be implemented)? And how would look it?

Hi @n00bgineer,

I don’t believe AWS Lambda has the traceroute utlility in the runtime. If you were to use it, you’d have to download the traceroute linux binary, add that to your Lambda bundle: How to Include Files in Netlify Serverless Functions and then run the traceroute commands.

Thanks, would adding the linux binary for traceroute be enough? Thanks for this response. I’ll definitely try this out.

I don’t know. Once you complete that step, maybe we’ll see if you get some errors and try to solve that.