Access private, third-party repo in build environment

Having reviewed this post on accessing private repos, I’m still stick on a particular problem.

I’m attempting to access a gem via third-party, private github repo, specifically the excellent Hydejack jekyll theme. As a paid customer, I have access to the “PRO” package as a .zip archive or a gem, via ssh key provided with the .zip archive. Configuring my ~.ssh/config and adding the private key to ~.ssh/, the build works as expected locally, per these directions.

For Netlify, I’ve attempted:

  1. Adding ~.ssh to my private gitlab repo
  2. Adding SSH_KEY and SSH_CONFIG as build environment variables combined with a custom build command along the lines of the above post.

Both fail, as follows:

11:12:01 PM: Fetching git@hydejack:qwtel/hydejack-8-pro.git
11:12:01 PM: ssh: Could not resolve hostname hydejack: Name or service not known

This would seem to indicate that ~.ssh/config isn’t being created or read.

Does anyone have a better approach to accessing a private, third-party repo where neither tokens nor private/public keypairs are an option?


hydejack isn’t a valid hostname, which seems to be the problem as far as I can tell, without seeing your .ssh/config. Could you use an FQDN there? or something with a dot in it?

Thanks, @fool. My .ssh/config defines it, but it’s an unnecessary complication, certainly. I switched to a FQDN, but now I’m seeing an auth error. I think I’m getting closer.

Is it fair to assume that this is the least-bad approach to accomplishing the task of building with a sub-module gem from a third-party, private repo? I also appreciate that this is likely an edge case.

It’s not a super-duper-edge-case; we aim to support it if not trivially :slight_smile:

Assuming you have already tried these steps around using the SSH key:

and not been successful, then the submodule will likely be the best option, yes. If you want this let me know and I can configure and DM you a deploy key to use for that submodule.

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Thanks, Chris. Really appreciate it. Please do.