Access control JWT secret in Netlify dashboard - can this be anything?

Can this just be any sufficiently long password? Or am I supposed to get my auth provider to generate this secret? Not sure what exactly I’m being asked for.

I’d appreciate some clarity on this. Here you talk about using RBAC with external providers. In step 1 you mention:

“1. Generate a JWT application in your authentication provider of choice, and copy the application’s client secret.”

I’m using Firebase Auth, and I can’t for the life of me find my “application’s client secret”. There’s a client ID, but I can’t find anything in Firebase regarding a client secret. Would any Netlify support staff with Firebase experience be able to point me in the right direction?

Hi @chocobuckle I’ve given this case a read and I’m confused to what you are trying to achieve. If you can please outline a flowchart of how you expect this to work. that would be really great

I understand that you are using Netlify’s auth system: *Identity. And Google OAuth to signup/login users with Identity - but I am confused to what you are expecting Firebase to do here. Firebase Auth is essentially the the same service as Netlify Identity so why are you attempting to use that also?

No, I’m not using Netlify Identity. I’m using Firebase Auth, and I want to use Netlify’s role based access control with it. I can’t switch to Netlify Identity because the site already has several hundred users.

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My mistake. I was unaware of this feature, in the mean time I searched how to find Google’s OAuth secret.

Directions here

It seems to be hidden in the Google console not Firebase :slight_smile: