A record and need IP address

domain: hemasblomster.dk
subdomain: hemasblomster.netlify.app

I gonna point my domain hemasblomster.dk to hemasblomster.netflify.app from one.com. My site is created in React and was told by one.com to create an A record. Where can I find the IP address?

A CNAME didn’t work because the URL hemasblomster.netlify.app/kontakt didnt’t change to hemasblomster.dk/kontakt when clicking on the contact-page

And when I used netlifys nameserver, my form on the contactform didnt work and sent me to 404 page after submitting the form. Tried to add a MX record from netlify to one.com but still got the 404. One.com says I need to use their nameservers if I want the contact form to work

So, an A record is the solution for my issue

Hi @rcilomba,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

You can follow our External DNS configure mentioned here:

That’s section one:

Type Name Value
A @
CNAME www mysite.netlify.app

You should point the A Record for hemasblomster.dk to and for www.hemasblomster.dk you would create a CNAME Record that points to hemasblomster.netlify.app.

Hi Melvin,

The A record and the CNAME works fine now for the root hemasblomster.dk but now I can’t reach my subdomain hemasblomster.dk/webshop

I still need the A record and the CNAME to point to my netlify sub domoain. How can I fix this issue?

The 404 on hemasblomster.dk/webshop is not a DNS issue, but rather a routing issue on your end. You’ll need to make sure that page exists and is accessible when browsing.

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Thanks for the answer, but it stopped working when I removed the domain in Domain management, it worked before. So I was thinking if it has to do with the settings for the domain her in netlify

Hi @rcilomba,

Could you clarify what you mean when you said it stopped working when you removed the domain in Domain management? I ask because I do see that the domain hemasblomster.dk is assigned here:

The domain hemasblomster.dk is resolving properly. So is hemasblomster.dk/webshop, however as you mentioned the page is 404 and as Sid mentioned you’ll need to ensure that the page exists and is accessible.


After adding A record and CNAME, my sub domain hemasblomster.dk/webshop worked, but now it gives a 404 page that I have coded

how can I make sure that I can point my domain to my netlify app and still have my subdomain /webshop to work?

/webshop is not a subdomain, it is a path on a domain. Check out Domains, subdomains and paths – the difference explained | Help Center | Landingi for more details on this.

The reason a 404 is returned is there is no content to serve on this path.

I see an A record

$ dig hemasblomster.dk
hemasblomster.dk.	3600	IN	A

however there is no CNAME on the www subdomain. There is an A record

$ dig www.hemasblomster.dk
www.hemasblomster.dk.	3600	IN	A

which belongs to one.com

$ dig -x 3600	IN	PTR	webcluster1.webpod15-cph3.one.com.

as well as an AAAA record

$ dig www.hemasblomster.dk AAAA
www.hemasblomster.dk.	3600	IN	AAAA	2a02:2350:5:10e:b9:238:fbdc:ac7

You will need to remove these and configure the CNAME correctly as per the support-guide previously shared by @Melvin.