A lot of 502 errors in google search console and moz.com


I’ve noticed an increasing number of 500/502 error reports on Google Search Console and Moz.com for my static website, which is built using Gatsby and hosted on a Netlify Pro account.

These errors seem to be transient, as I’m unable to replicate them in the browser, and they disappear upon re-crawling the affected pages. However, they randomly appear on other pages, as indicated in the Google Search Console reports.

It also prevents my new pages to appear in Google index.

Looks like it is a problem with the Netlify hosting service and I am afraid it impacts the SEO performance of my website.

Could you please investigate this matter?

Thank you!

Since you’re using Gatsby, you probably don’t need prerendering: Build & deploy | Site configuration | astorastudio | Netlify and can disable that which could likely solve the issue here.

I turned that “Beta” setting off and looks like the issue is resolved.

Please, I would appreciate that netlify would not silently turn on beta features as it had negative effect.

Hi @andchu,

Prerendering isn’t enabled by default. Following our doc here:

Prerendering | Netlify Docs

Is how Prerendering is enabled.