502 when accessing a Form from the admin page


I have been using Netlify Forms for the past few years for one of my Netlify websites. I had recently noticed a failure on the build process when trying to fetch the form content and upon visiting the Forms section on my Netlify admin I saw that even the admin page no longer lists the forms that have been submitted all these years, returning a 502 (see below).

Did something break in general or is it only that the forms of my website are affected?

Hi @stelabouras,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you clarify which site you’re seeing this issue on? If you could provide the site name such as example.netlify.app that’ll help us find the site. Thanks!

Hey Melvin,

Thank you for your quick reply! My site name is shader-graph-viewer.netlify.app.

Hi @stelabouras,

This is a known bug. If your form submission size goes over 6 MB, we cannot show them in the UI as we use AWS Lambda to load data and that doesn’t allow payloads more than 6 MB., You can use Netlify API to load individual submissions: Netlify API documentation

Hey there, thank you for your reply!

I was able to push a commit and restore the logic via the API. Turns out the token I was using the last 3 years must have expired for some reason and the ?access_token=XXX GET parameter is no longer used for authorization so I had to switch to the Authorization: Bearer XXX header instead.